Hall of Solomon - Palazzo Lateranense

Hall of Solomon

The hall takes its name from the five frescoes representing episodes from the life of King Solomon, the wise builder of the Temple in Jerusalem. In the corners of the room, the exploits of Sixtus V are depicted. King Solomon, who asks God for Wisdom so that he can rule righteously, is emblematic of the righteous ruler who, recognizing his power as a gift from God, is able to serve his subjects and make them grow spiritually as well. From the windows of this hall it is possible to see the wonderful obelisk, 32 meters high in red granite, transported from Thebes to Rome by Emperor Constantius II, son of Constantine. Sixtus V decided to transport it from the Circus Maximus to the Lateran and place it there so that it would be in axis with the Basilica of St. Mary Major.

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