Booking and Ticket Purchases

How can you pay for the tour?

Payment can be made by credit card or cash.

Is it mandatory to book the tour?

A booking reservation is mandatory for this tour.

Is it possible to book this ticket on site?

It is possible to purchase the entrance ticket on site but only during the hours designated for the tours.

After purchasing the entrance ticket, is it sufficient to present the receipt and / or booking code at the entrance to the Lateran Palace?

For all online purchases, the customer will receive a voucher via email to be shown at the entrance to the Lateran Palace.

Is it possible to purchase tickets on-line?

Tickets will soon be available for purchase online, for information and reservations contact info@palazzolateranense.com

Where can you purchase an entrance ticket?

Soon available on this site or directly at the entrance of the Lateran Palace (subject to availability).

Characteristics of the Visit

Are there any ticket reductions or concessions for special groups?

The following groups may benefit from reduced priced entrance tickets:
-Children aged 6-18

-Students, under 25 years of age, with a valid Student Card or other documentary proof of registration at an educational establishment.

-Priests, men and women Religious, Seminarians and Novices (with appropriate documentation)

-University Institutions (students under 25 years of age) regardless of place of origin, upon presentation of a formal letter headed request signed by the Dean or Rector of the University or the Head of the Faculty, indicating the number of students, teachers and chaperones are entitled to a reduced priced entrance ticket. The reduced ticket is granted to the students and to one teacher or companion for every ten students; teachers or chaperones in excess of this quota, pay the full ticket price. There are no free admissions.

-Pilgrimages, regardless of the place of origin, upon presentation of formal letter headed request from the parish or diocese to which they belong can benefit from a reduced priced entrance ticket. There is only one free ticket for the priest accompanying the pilgrimage upon presentation of the celebret.

-Employees of all offices, departments and bodies of the Holy See or of the Vatican City state in possession of the card issued by the SCV. The benefit extends to a maximum of one companion.

What does the entrance ticket include?

The entrance fee includes admission and a guided tour of the Lateran Palace.  For other services not included in the ticket a supplementary fee must be paid.

Does the purchase of the ticket include a cloakroom service?

The admission ticket does NOT include cloakroom services

If there is an exhibition in the Lateran Palace, does the entrance ticket also include a visit to the exhibition?

A supplementary fee must be paid for visits to other exhibitions hosted at the Lateran Palace that do not form part of the guided tour.


Is it possible to make videos and / or recordings / photos?

It possible to take pictures without flash

Is there a free wheelchair rental service for the disabled?

Yes, it is provided on site.

Is this type of visit is suitable for people with disabilities?

The visit is suitable for persons with disabilities. Please request information by writing to the following email address info@palazzolateranense.com

Is it possible to request a refund for unused tickets?

All refund requests must be sent to the following email address stating the reason for the refund: info@palazzolateranense.com

Is a “priority access” service included in the admission ticket?

To participate in this tour, booking is MANDATORY. 

Is it possible to combine the entrance ticket with additional services?

For additions and supplements, please contact the staff at admission to the Lateran Palace or write to the following email address info@palazzolateranense.com

How long is the entrance ticket valid for?

Each ticket is valid for only one admission.

Tariffs and Reductions

In the event of an extraordinary cancellation of a visit, is the cost of the on-line ticket booking refundable?

All refund requests can be made by sending an email stating the motive for the refund to the following address: info@palazzolateranense.com

Will visitors with pre-booked tours be advised of tour cancellations due to exceptional circumstances?

Before purchasing the tour, the customer can contact the email address info@palazzolateranense.com

Are there any days when the Palace is closed or visits are suspended?

The Lateran Palace is closed on Monday, Sundays and during religious holidays

What are the opening days and times?

The Lateran Palace is open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The entrance times are 9.30am and 11.30 am

What is the cost of an entrance ticket?
  • Guided tour for pre-established groups (minimum 15 people- maximum 25 people) and single guided tours (maximum 25 people)
  • Full Price Ticket € 17,50 (1.50 € presale fees included in the price)
  • Reduced Ticket 6-18 years € 14,50 (1.50 € presale fees included in the price)
  • Reduced Ticket for students € 14,50 (valid up to 25 years of age in possession of a valid STUDENT CARD -1.50 € presale fees included in the price)

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